Londons Burning
Londons Burning

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Stranger's Journey
As the stranger traversed through the unfathomable expanse of the unknown landscape, every step seemed to echo with the weight of uncertainty. Each bend in the path revealed new mysteries, shrouded in mist and whispers of ancient tales. The air was thick with the scent of unfamiliar flora, and the sky above painted a canvas of hues unseen by mortal eyes. With each passing moment, the stranger felt the pull of adventure intertwine with the caution of the unfamiliar. Yet, amidst the daunting vastness, there lingered a sense of wonder, a beacon guiding the way through the enigmatic terrain, urging the traveller onward into the depths of the uncharted realm.
Isolated & Desolate
As the waves crashed relentlessly against the weathered walls of the small, isolated structure, the sense of desolation hung heavy in the salt-tinged air. Surrounded by an endless expanse of tumultuous sea, the lone inhabitant found themselves stranded upon this decaying refuge, a solitary speck adrift in the vastness of the ocean. The structure, once sturdy and proud, now bore the scars of time, its timbers weathered and worn by the relentless assault of wind and wave. With each passing day, the harsh reality of isolation gnawed at the edges of sanity, the distant horizon offering little solace to the weary soul yearning for escape
adjective: multiplex 1. involving or consisting of many elements in a complex relationship. Utilising Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) techniques along with Multiple Exposures (ME) these images aim to show familiar, often honeypot locations, in altogether different, more painterly, ways.
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