One to One

Bespoke individual tuition tailored around your existing knowledge, skills and goals.

This workshop is all about you, there's no predefined script or list of skills you'll take away, it's tailored to what you want to know. So whether you're just picking up a DSLR for the first time and want some tips or a seasoned pro looking to try something new, we can tailor the time to suit.

The time can be split however you choose between camera time & processing time. There's no secrets here either so if there's a collection of mine that you like and want to know more I can walk you through the steps involved both in the shoot and in the edit.

4 Hours - £150


There's no pre-defined workshops to pick from a shelve, but here's some ideas to whet your appetite and show how the workshop could be tailored to suit certain collections.

Multiple Exposure We'll spend half the time on location collecting some base frames to work with, then head to a cafe and go through process of transforming them into something new.

Abstract (ICM) We'll spend most of the time in the field trying different movement techniques, and then head to a cafe to review what worked and what didn't.

Intro / Traditional We'll go over some shooting techniques and get the most from the kit you've got, including how the different camera modes and settings can be used.

★★★★★ Had an incredible time with Dan on a one-to-one workshop, he catered the workshop exactly to where I was at and my level of knowledge. We packed a lot into the time and I learnt a huge amount! I came away not only with some great photos I’m really pleased with but with the tools and techniques I can practice with and improve. Jake Rowland - Southampton

Gift Vouchers

Available on request at no extra cost, these gift vouchers include a free 7x5" fine art paper print and are an ideal as a gift to somebody you know likes my work.

Need to know

Location - the location of the workshop can be tailored to suit you, but any locations outside a 30 mile radius of Wimborne will incur extra charges unless booking on a location-based group workshop.

Booking - please contact me at if you'd like to purchase a workshop. Full payment is required at the time of booking. Gift vouchers can be posted free of charge.

Refreshments are not included, please ensure you bring some water with you, especially on summer days.

Equipment is not provided, please bring your own camera. In some cases it will be necessary to use a tripod, I can provide one for use during the shoot if required. If the workshop includes processing you will need to have access to Photoshop on your own laptop to follow along with the techniques.

Sensible clothing should be worn, if we're shooting in a woodland in the middle of winter make sure you're wrapped up warm. Walking boots should be worn in most situations.

Weather will always be a factor affecting the outcome of the workshop. I will endevour to continue the workshop regardless of weather conditions, but in the event of adverse weather we may need to arrange an alternative date.

Guarantees - I can't guarantee you will walk away from the workshop with a photo to hang on your wall, but hopefully the time we spend together will empower you to go out on your own and make the most of any situation.