Embryonic adjective 1. pertaining to or in the state of an embryo. 2. rudimentary; undeveloped.

A series exploring the conceptual hidden world of embryonic development, each image designed to be "more" than the previous. Though abstract and somewhat prosaic, the intention is to present an aesthetically pleasing pallette with the use of bold colours and contrasting shapes.

The images in this series were created using oil droplets on water, the container was then suspended above various colourful backdrops. In principle the idea is quite simple, and there's a tonne of YouTube tutorials to help, but I ran into quite a lot of issues trying to put this series together, there's just a lot of variables to work with - how big a container, how much water, how much oil, what type of oil, how high to suspend above the backdrop, what backdrop to use, how to focus the camera accurately, natural light or flash, etc. etc. one of my first issues (shooting in my conservatory) was the camera casting a shadow on the surface of the water so I had to cover the top of the setup to prevent shadows.

The images in this collection are available to purchase as limited edition fine art Giclee prints or canvas prints in various sizes. For more info please see the prints page.