Shortlisted for HPOTY 2017

The Historic Photographer of the Year calls on photographers from around the globe to explore and capture the very best historic places and cultural sites that the world has to offer. Whether it’s a ruined English castle, an underground Roman villa or the haunting beauty of a long-forgotten battlefield, historical sites are among the most picturesque places to photograph on Earth.

I found the competition by chance on Facebook this year and decided to enter. It's the first year of the competition, but it's backed by Dan Snow and was free entry, so thought I'd enter a few snaps and forget about it.

A few months later, to my complete surprise I was notified that 3 of my 4 entries had reached the shortlist.

The shortlisted image of the abandoned WW2 bunker was displayed on a number of high profile websites, including:

The Guardian
Daily Telegraph

Incredibly humbled to have reached the shortlist amongst such high calibre entries, this remains as one of my proudest achievements to date.

Lamps + Amps
A massive, massive shout out to Lamps + Amps who provided me with the oppurtunity to shoot the bunker, and provided all the lighting, setup, etc. these guys are incredible at lighting installations, and do weddings, etc. so give them a shout.