I'm passionate about capturing the beauty of the world we live in and continue to be amazed by how blessed we are by our surroundings.

Landscape photography really started for me during the end of 2016 when I set up a Facebook page to share my photographs to a larger audience - I'd hoped for 50 followers, but within the first month I'd already hit 500!

I was totally humbled by the positive feedback and well wishes of complete strangers. This spurred me on to explore more of the county around me and by the start of 2017 I'd launched my own website and had started to build a portfolio.

I'm a committed Christian, attending the Lantern Church, Merley and feel my faith has really helped me explore and appreciate the world around me, knowing that the folds in the landscape or rugged rocks have been created by design rather than chance I think helps you see beauty where others may see mundane.

If you're interesting in buying my work, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, you can also purchase a selection of greeting cards from The Card Gallery, Wimborne Minster.